Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hitting the Sales

Headlines!! Memoirs is having specials everyday!!
from June till July.

Since everyone is in the mood to shop as it is the
Mid Season Sale for Melbourne.
Most garments in Memoirs have a discount to them.
We also have very excited new stock from Guana Bana which appeared in Rush
& Beautiful dresses from Elise Designs.

We have great handmade items from Alex Castillo & Aimee ( Costumes & Hats).
Plus, we have great scarves & pretty ones too to
keep away from the 'flu' & mostly the cold.

Be a your own fashionista by sopping
with us here in Memoirs.

Ps: Notice the small but lovely pieces,
I got some great posters & this lovely floral wire
for our lights.

LOVE, Giana


  1. Hi there, my husband purchased the grey fur hat in your window (first pic of this blog entry. I was wondering if you were able to tell me what it is made of and if it is new, pre loved or vintage. I admired it in your window one night and he surprised me with it a few days later! :)

  2. hi!
    how nice of your husband to get you a little gift from us. Firstly , sorry for your late reply as our com has been hit by a virus.
    The grey hat is actually new and its made of
    faux fur. With the new update, you will find that someone else bought the other colour & she loves it! :) hope you do too