Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hitting the Sales

Headlines!! Memoirs is having specials everyday!!
from June till July.

Since everyone is in the mood to shop as it is the
Mid Season Sale for Melbourne.
Most garments in Memoirs have a discount to them.
We also have very excited new stock from Guana Bana which appeared in Rush
& Beautiful dresses from Elise Designs.

We have great handmade items from Alex Castillo & Aimee ( Costumes & Hats).
Plus, we have great scarves & pretty ones too to
keep away from the 'flu' & mostly the cold.

Be a your own fashionista by sopping
with us here in Memoirs.

Ps: Notice the small but lovely pieces,
I got some great posters & this lovely floral wire
for our lights.

LOVE, Giana

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time for some Art

Myrna, came in today with some invitations.
So, lets all support & take sometime to relax
to attend a night of colors and interpretation.
Just in case the details are not clear:

8-25th July
Opening Night 8th of July, 6-8pm
Red Gallery North Fitzroy

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Faces

We had so many lovely smiling customers this week,
despite the gloomy weather that has taken over
We are also very happy that they were able to find
great individual pieces

for themselves.

The first photo , we have a customer who purchased an Army green short sleeve bat wing top
which has a wide neck and collar. It is a versatile
piece which cam be worn any time of the year.
Looks great with the casual wear she came in with
& fits her like a button.

Second photo, I could tell from when she came in.
She had an artistic flair about her and guess what? She is an artist.

who is having an art exhibition soon, Hopefully we will get her
details & you special readers out there can make a trip to see the paintings.
She was also determined to find a simple knit that would be
dressy yet casual for her dinner that day.
Surprisingly this simple knit turned out to be perfect top for

dinner outing. It has a nice relaxed fit with
very slight puff sleeves & lastly it's a stunning color.

Our Last photo, Now i wont forget this lovely couple.
They make shopping trips together,
Now why cant all men be like this & take
shopping as an enjoyable activity.
Well, after debating over another floral wool jumper.
She was absolutely in
love with this baby blue angora jumper
which has very interesting details on it.
See, her stroking the jumper,
It was lush & soft !!

Strolling in the Arts

In order to get some inspiration for Memoirs,
I decided to head down to my favorite suburb, Brunswick.
Im yet to bring Ness down here but I am hoping we will
get to do it in soon with one of her trips.
We never seem to have time.
Now, that Memoirs is in full swing.

Here each space echoes its own design identity,
Where a fruit market doesn't look like a typical store,
The flower shop is practically in full bloom with gorgeous colors,
Even the coffee shop looks more like a boutique.
I love every store i come across.
With that i am hoping that every passerby has the
same views in our special little boutique.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To dream , to Inspire

I want to take you to a place where you can share my vision
and dreams for Memoirs. Share my eyes, share my dreams.
I want to paint beautiful interiors in your space,
Wrap you in materials that fill you with smiles,
I want to take you away and fill your memories with a simple touch,
To sing and dance,
To cry and laugh,
I want to take you away to a special place,
A place where fantasy will play.

Every image here is a play of my color pallet e,
Where i am inspired to let you into my imagination,
Let you into the secrets of what Memoirs will be and shall be,
We are here to float away into a place where
reality is part of a whimsical character.

Below are some Amazing photo's of a girl named Betty

I love this blog :


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Monday, June 1, 2009

Connect the Dots

Fancy a day of little adventure.? Well, I would recommend Grid maps as part of
your compass to manage your way through Melbourne's little secrets. Memoirs is part of this very exciting little booklet that has made its way through to be a shopping destination gem . We have already had guest from Sydney thanks to this little map!! So, pick up a booklet and grab some girlfriends out for a unique shopping experience .


Lets muddle in the middle

I cant believe we are already in June, That's halfway through
the year & So far, I still have a million things to do. Frankly, both Vanessa and I are loving every minute of this chaos. Firstly, we would like to Thank our customers for coming in regularly to support our little boutique . As well, as being a sport with modeling their lovely purchases.
Vanessa: It has definitely been a whirlwind year and we've barely just begun. With so much ambition for Memoirs and positive feedback thus far, we're going to take this baby far. Just a quick note on the inspirations for the display:
1) Desperately wanted to show off the grey/white leopard print and decided to use the leather jacket to emulate rock chic with style. With Giana's accessorizing, the look comes full circle, to rock chich diva!
2) The skirt caught my eye from the first browse through, just the thing one need to cheer up the dark winter day and give that "POP" effect. Offset the florals with a bright yet sensible ribbed sweater and we have and outfit that will take you through the day. This outfit is dedicated to the girls a with pear shaped figure.
3) The Orange Jacket is NEW to Memoirs and uber comfortable. Dress it up with a dark straight cut slacks and a muted silverish-bronzy top w/ neck detail and there u have an outfit made for work and play. It also scores on the warmth factor for winter.
The display is just to show one of the many ways a person can use bright colours without sticking out like a sore thumb-choose the main attraction of ur outfit, balance the rest of the outfit with muted colours and accesorize wisely! Step into Memoirs and BE INSPIRED! -VJ

Now, here's an individual who is not afraid to inject a little color into her wardrobe. What we have is a Vintage psychedelic dress which is very a ' Pucci ' like print from Japan. At first she was hesitant, but in the fun of dressing up . I showed her how to break down bold prints by accesorizing the dress with a scarf and belt.
Immediately, the dress is assessable for even a casual and day wear.
Plus, notice how the flat boots come into play for the finished look.

Fun facts:
Emilio Pucci clothes and accessories are sold through Emilio Pucci and Rossignol boutiques worldwide and in high-end department stores, mostly feature the designer's original brightly coloured, often swirly, prints or new designs in his original distinct style. The fashion house produces ready-to-wear clothes and accessories for women, in addition to a small range of men's accessories. In the past, the house has produced a more comprehensive range of men's wear, including a line in partnership with Ermenegildo Zegna, which included men's jackets lined with Pucci printed fabric, especially for American department store Saks Fifth Avenue.