Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter is here!

Melbourne has made way to the somber weather,
We had it all this week.
The Cold chills, Strong winds & quite a lot of Rainfall.
Despite that i am very determined to put up
great clothes for our customers.
We all want to keep warm with thick coats and hot chocolates
However, keep in mind to
to add a few key colours in your coordination & layer up!
This is what the window is all about this week.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Singing belle

Leanne Crawford Band
Melbourne's Famous Sultry
Jazz Entertainer & Renowned Quartet

Dinner & Show including 5 Course
Degustation Menu

The Metropolitan Hotel
-Grand Dining Room-
Saturday, 23rd May

Cnr Blackwood & Courtney Streets,
North Melbourne,
$95.00 per person,
Ticket Bookings: 93284222
7.30 pm arrival / After 5 attire

Here's lovely Leanne Crawford
Memoirs talented customer,
Be sure to catch her show!

Queens of looks

While i am sitting here in Memoirs, i had a little flashback
in the past with a playback of
my fashion diary and my group of friends.
Well, it mainly consisted of four.
Four girls to rule college in style. mean girls but we were actually
very sweet girls.
We dressed to the nine's despite KL's sweltering weather,
name it we all had adorned it.
But if you ask me whether i had any fashion regrets?
I would say non, because it really was a time
when we girls had fun with everything we wore.
Shirts, skirts, glitter, maxi dresses, pants, heels,
bags, flair, animal prints, fluro colours, wedges,
hats, sari's, jerseys,boots,mid drif, bareback, halter
the list continue's.
At the end of it all, we all bloomed into our own flower
and each represents a diverse language of styles.
As Coco puts it

“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel

Our Bestie: Natasha Yusof

Question: How has your fashion evolved looking back at the photos?
Nass: Back then we were still experimenting with our looks

Question: Do you think you have settled onto a look?
Nass: actually,I have pretty much settled with a look
but i still experiment here and there then i try to incorporate it into my look.

Question: What is your favourite bag and shoes?
Nass: LV vernis leather, no particular brand but I love chunky heels and 4 inch stilettos

Question: What is your one weakness in fashion?
i can't get enough of shoes,i walk into the store and i practically talk to them.
Like the other day i walked into Aldo and saw two pairs of shoes and i practically went "hello gorgeoussss!" and i bought both

Question: Sum, your style in words?
Nass:I Live For Shoes

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

It was so nice to get Doreen to be with me in the store today,
With regular customers catching up with her
new introductions for myself.
We had a colourful afternoon with some great
purchases made by our customers.

Shu Qing, spoiled herself with a D&G stiletto black heels.
It was obviously meant for her because no one
else could fit into it.
Second pair, Vintage black leather peeptoe with bow
which is meant to be worned with her 1920's look for a party tonight.
Both shoes, are versatile.
and goes perfect with her dainty feet.

We had another lovely customer, who got herself the Gold plated ring
with the blue stone. Another fashion piece inspired by the Art Deco era.
She came back for it , so again that ring was meant for her.
She also purchased some lovely gifts for best friend
for her birthday .
Well, looks like the Saturday is filled for a night of fun!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue bells

This is my favourite dress, displayed during our Easter window.
Our lovely customer Vanessa, is attending a wedding
over the weekend.
I love how it goes perfectly with her shoes.
The best part of this dress is it's versatile ,
Doesnt have to be a formal occasion.
It could be drinks with friends or a night out for dinner.
Its a classic piece to have in your wadrobe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fashion show - AA 09

Aa Fashion Show 09

Cost: $25 (members)/$30 (non-members)
Includes 3 FREE drinks!
Date: April 30
Time: 7pm sharp
Venue: Eve Nightclub

Aa Fashion Show tickets are on sale now and running out fast! Don’t miss out on semester one’s most glamorous gathering! Come by the Aa Table this week from 12-2pm to get your tickets. Sales end this Friday, April 24.

Come and see Memoirs collection!

Its all in the silk

This weeks display spells out luxe,
I love the way silk falls on the skin,
Its a womens diamond for clothing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bag News !

Sunday, I decided to have a mini shoot with the new bags
we have in store. Boy, do i miss taking photos!
I got some help from my sister, li to help showcase
four looks. For all the lovely readers out there.

1st look: For the working women . Simple & stylish.
Tunic dress $179.95, paired with flat heels. Onyx necklace $129.95
Bag: Mahogony Tote Bag: $99.95

note* You could wear some tights for the colder months
even with some pants/jeans.

2nd look: Russian doll
Bow Jacket 149.95, Dress Bebe $ 129.95
Shoes Meina, 179.95 Black Faux Fur Hat $39.95
Bag: Art Deco Tan bag, 129.95

This bag is my favourite, with two zipper pouches.
Its a great size and design.

3rd Look: Country Chic
Jacket Scanlan & Theodore, $129.95
Gold Racer back camisole, $59.95
Rock Republic Jeans, $84.95
Shoes Diana Ferari $ 49.95
Bag: Light blue & brown trims Satchel $ 129.95

Satchel's are always useful for those who
have a knack of carrying everything important with them.
Its very soft suede and looks fantastic with jeans.

4th Look: Dainty Daisy
Dress Elise, $199.95
Shoes Charles and Keith, $59.95
Necklace Alessandra Marciano, $79.95 Earrings vintage, $ 12.95
Bag: Python Clutch, $ 79.95

Here, we're trying to add more edge to a girly dress
with the use of a daring clutch.

Visit no 2

In a week, we had two lovely visits from Miss Maggie.
She bought a beautiful bebe black & yellow stone strap dress and today got
herself a pair of 'wish' light grey denims.
It's definately the perfect colour for you and great with the knee high boots!
We look forward to more visits from you


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Come play Dress up!

Ready to stylize winter this year, Memoirs has added some great accesories for any occasion and outfit. We need to start fluffing our feathers out & get ready to layer with jewellery, scarves, bags & not to mention the great fashion tights we have in store. So, instead of getting a whole outfit. Vamp it up with precious pieces that can be used during day/night. Introducing:

Vintage Floral Detail/Locket : $59.95

Tribu, black leather ankle boots: $129.95

Mogil, Electric Blue Suede Peeptoe : $ 109.95

Amber Buckle Bag: $129.95
Art Deco GB Tote Bag: $129.95

Black Clutch Bag with Gold Buckle: $69.95

Persian Blue Clutch w button detail: $79.95
Electric Blue Mini Bucket Purse: $49.95

xoxo-miss g

Weekends heres!

Another weekend is here and we're moving so closely
to the end of April!
Thats almost mid year people, plenty plenty
has taken place in Memoirs.
We are part of the Melbourne uni fashion night hosted by
Australasian Association so do come and support
on the 30 th of this month
at Evebar.
Memoirs is displaying the all seasons theme
so expect gorgeous & pop colours for this winter.

Back to what has been happening in the shop itself,
we have the lovely leanne in her
new turqoise 1920's inspired dress.
Everyone must check her fascinators at
Then later in the evening , we had leonie in her Aujie Aspari black silk blouse.
It sat beautifully on her which could be both worned tucked in and out.

xoxo -g

Monday, April 13, 2009

Princess of the week

Just want to give a shout out and another big birthday wish to Miss Sarah! doesnt she make a wonderful Snow white. She also spoiled herself with Memoirs Pearl earrings and it was Picture perfect to complete her princess look!

xoxo g

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robin's Eggs

Inspired by the very colourful speckled robin's eggs we had for our customers this Easter.
The same colour palette was applied to our window display. We have the beautiful Elise dress
( sold unfortunately!) with strands of pearls , The floral cardigan ( Paul Smith ) & Blush pink ( Issey Miyake) dress complimented with a white ruffled top by ( Assasination of Ivy Stone) and a vintage belt to cinch in the waist. It's all in the range of pastel to celebrate the long weekend.


Black is back

Prior to the previous display that states black is back from Harmony's collection. We find that black will always be a staple piece in anyone's wadrobe.

Here we have. The 'boyfriend blazer' which is great for a casual or dressed up occasion. Plus, with the upcoming weather breeze thats hitting melbourne streets. This is the best way to look hot , hot hot without even trying.

Secondly, we have lovely miss Alice Wookey who found her perfect rendition of a classic black dress for her upcoming formal. Doesnt she look gorgeous?

Some Time and Several Countries Later...

Dear Fashionistas,

Its been awhile since my last post and several countries later, here i am in the comfort of my own home here, logging in my travels and giving you a peek of whats out there.

Lets start with my previous trip to Melbs and the adventures we had attending Our 1st Fashion Exposed and my first Melbourne Fashion week. Two very ambitious fashion crazy girls with a million ideas running through their heads not to mentioned being "let loose" amongst the many clothes and accesories was like a dream come through. That trip to Sydney was definitely the start of our many fashion travels.

My Partner in Crime...

Then we had the thrill of attending a show during Fashion Week! Ladies, it look like ruffles are making a comeback and feminine chic is the look to go for! Also, noticed quite a bit of black amongst the pastel palette. I loved the show and it brought back many fond memories of times past...*sigh*

Then back to jet setting again, all around the world trying to find the best in fashion and bringing it to your friendly North Melbourne store. We start off with Zurich, where is the weather was funny and we got some snow. Observed that colourful, patterned, boldly printed tights were in style for winter. I guess when ur all bundled up, and the only thing showing between ur winter jacket and boots/flats are ur knees/legs, the best fashion statement would be tights that communicate ur individuality. Having pre-ampted that, Memoirs has already got limited edition tights all from Italy.

Then it was off to Dubai, where shopping was the least fun. I had just missed the crazy sale season and shopping there was not cheap! But I was fortunate to be able to visit Mall of Emirates which used to be the biggest mall in Dubai, until Dubal Mall was built! They have malls so massive that Mall of Emirates has a Ski Jump area and the main attraction at Dubai Mall was a HUGE aquarium!

The tallest building in the World!!!

We move on to Istanbul, where I was lucky to be able to visit the Grand Bazaar! It was Pashmina haven and strangely enough, I was surrounded by so much imitation goods! There were Gucci, LV, Prada and Chanel handbags all over the place! Prices were comparable but the quality was lacking. I'd seen better replicas in my travels. SO while I didn't spend on clothes, I managed to get Iranian Saffron and Caviar to indulge in.

Finally, I get to travel back to my hometown, the land of Borneo, where I got my much needed RnR. Also walking around the bazaars, I found a new shop selling native art and wares, I think i will always be intrigued at how extravagant our native costumes were and till today are. Couldn't help but take some pictures! Thats my tribal pride talking.

Before I sign off, here's a sneak peek at some of the new accessories coming soon to Memoirs. All these are made from semi-precious stones and beads. Great to dress up any outfit instantly. Prices start from AUD109 onwards.

Your Travelling Shopper