Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Overdue!!

Sorry Everyone!
The computer has been taken over by viruses,
so make sure everyone has the right
anti-virus to counteract this little dilemma!

Either way, this will not stop me from blogging.
Many, things have happened over the weeks
As usual its busy busy in small doses.

We have been dressing our manne's
in great winter wear.
Again, concentrating on layering
which is the key move in Melbourne Winters
looking all so fabulous as well.

* Here, the picture for a customer who is looking at
wearing this to a formal. I think it looks great,
A kimino with a modern twist.

A Favorite picture of mine, is an individual
who is not afraid to dress in style.
She got the lovely black f aux fur wrap
the cute f aux fur beanie which compliments the look.

xoxo, gn

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