Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Faces

We had so many lovely smiling customers this week,
despite the gloomy weather that has taken over
We are also very happy that they were able to find
great individual pieces

for themselves.

The first photo , we have a customer who purchased an Army green short sleeve bat wing top
which has a wide neck and collar. It is a versatile
piece which cam be worn any time of the year.
Looks great with the casual wear she came in with
& fits her like a button.

Second photo, I could tell from when she came in.
She had an artistic flair about her and guess what? She is an artist.

who is having an art exhibition soon, Hopefully we will get her
details & you special readers out there can make a trip to see the paintings.
She was also determined to find a simple knit that would be
dressy yet casual for her dinner that day.
Surprisingly this simple knit turned out to be perfect top for

dinner outing. It has a nice relaxed fit with
very slight puff sleeves & lastly it's a stunning color.

Our Last photo, Now i wont forget this lovely couple.
They make shopping trips together,
Now why cant all men be like this & take
shopping as an enjoyable activity.
Well, after debating over another floral wool jumper.
She was absolutely in
love with this baby blue angora jumper
which has very interesting details on it.
See, her stroking the jumper,
It was lush & soft !!

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