Monday, March 29, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Testing one, two and three!
We are loving the works
of this photoshoot styled by Jam
lovely garments from Memoirs
for display.
Cant wait for the actual proofs to come out!!

Par Avion

A little gift from our customer,
She took this photo during
her honeymoon
with the lovely vintage bluebird dress.
Love from Cape town, South Africa

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rain rain go away

Valentines Day week was surely a cloudy one,
However despite the weather,
we had plenty of customers
coming in and out on the saturday
buying special pieces
We always assume we could guess the personality
to garments,
With this lovely customer here i somehow thought she was
a hairdresser.
1. She has amazing hair
2. She picked out clothes with colour & special details to it.
It turned out she 's an engineer,
how cool is that?
Thats the beauty of Melbourne,
Everyone is an individual

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

A boost of love

Still back on the subject of L.O.V.E,
Spent the day thinking of ways to
express this notion through our fashion display.
Im glad i bought the beautiful paper that
brought out our pieces well
how good does the carnation look ???
Its amazing what flowers can simply do when you add it on to your display.
I would love to go crazy with the window one day & fill it up with flowers so Memoirs would look
like its in the middle of a spring bloom. Ill wait till Vanessa comes , as she's always so great at making our windows come alive.
Will post a final shot of our window , sometime tonight!! Been a lovely saturday so far :)
Xx g

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tweet* tweet* Love is in the air

Willow Spring/Summer 2010
That's right everyone, February is here & ready to whisk
us away into the clouds.
The sun kisses our skins & the city starts to kick into
an urban mode.
I sigh* out loud when i see beautiful collections like this.
It's subtle & sexy,
Soft Silk & chiffon
just really fine detail in the story of the catwalk.
So,how are you expressing your Valentines day? It doesn't have to compromise of that special date. It's a day where we can go out with the loved ones....
That special someone
We all deserve to look amazing on the day of love !
Come into Memoirs in the month of February with a beautiful window display to gaze at
find that perfect outfit for V-day!
Xx G

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot Sunday!

The recipe to a good shopping trip
1. Lovely customers that smile & converse
2. Willing to try on any style & colour
3. Making the most out of the changing room scene
4. Exchanging styles among each other
I found that the perfect recipe with these two beautiful ladies who made my day
on the warm sunny afternoon.
I guess we must not forget that shopping with a good gal friend
is an essential need to complete your final decision.
She's there to tell you what suits you best,
She's there to share your passion
she's there to remind you what you have in your wardrobe.
Sometimes completely necessary otherwise it's just a MUST!
I miss those moments,
Hope to revive it soon again once i get a chance!
Vanessa and I had that memory with our
shopping escapade down in LA.
Another trip with our additional shopping partner Ed,
Boy we queued & did the crazy
Thanks giving sale !!
We started at 12 am & pumped it over till 7am!!!
Felt like a night out .
So here , we are ladies
The recipe to a shopping success
ps: Both gals got such special pieces!!
Nurita Hariths bat wing top & the Bebe maxi
They are the only pieces in Australia

Monday, January 25, 2010

Splash of Colours

Summer breeze is starting to make way again
down in Errol Street,
met a lot of amazing customers.
Mostly new & many moving into the lovely neighbourhood of North Melbourne, Looks like soon
enough Errol street will turn into a little hot spot. As we can see with the pop ups of new stores all around the precinct.
For those of you keeping a watch out,
there an amazing little event market coming up at the
Lithunian club on Sundays
which is turning out to be a must stop
frequent hub for all those interested in great buys.
Be sure, too look out for the dates that will soon be posted up
here for all of you looking at a great hunt!!
plus * we will have our own little store there tooo :)
With summer staying , well till Australian Day.
We have gone crazy with colour, as seen on our display.
* Yellow Dress, sold!!!
but we still have the amazing diane von furstenberg leopard printed wrap dress
(true keeper & classic)
the beautiful ruffled blouse that go well with shorts & jeans.
Till then, XX

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tennis and Rackets

Australian Tennis Open has arrived!!!
Here we get a chance to see a spectacle of colours
filling out those pleated skirts.
I remember a time when i was very fixated with a tennis skirt. I was 6, and all i remember was i came into a possession of a blue and white stripe lacoste skirt. Boy, was i excited. Sadly the skirt could not fill my tiny waist. So i waited & kept the skirt till i was in my teens. By then, i didn't even get a chance to wear it. All the years caught up & the skirt remained a treasure trove in my closet. The funny part is i never played tennis which could explained why the skirt didn't get used.
Well, i may not be a tennis buff but through the ages.
The tennis attire has certainly evolved.
Its shorter , more colourful
have some dynamics in it so world
renowned tennis players
flaunt & play in them.
Especially the William sisters.
It will be exciting to see what 2010's tennis fashion
brings us.
Stay tuned to your tellys,
Otherwise in your breaks , head down to
for a Sale especially for this exciting event!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our new Colours for the New Year!!!!

Happy New Year !! 2010, here we come.
With more great pieces in store
for our customers & more new
customers to meet.
Memoirs resolution is to do a little tidying up for the new year,
which we did in a space of a couple of days.
We are also not too far before we would reach
our one year celebration in March!
2010, is certainly not all about changes.
Instead its about revamping 'us' to project a whole
new vibe when you shop with us.
Vanessa and I, both picked some rich
berry colours to paint a story on the front facade.
Results! absolutely satisfying :)
So now, no more will we hear that people cant find us.
Till then, keep hydrated & dont forget your sunblock
for the hot hot rays that
is hitting Melbourne this Summer

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dress to Wed in Malaysia

What are the rules to dressing to a wedding???
As, i took a few weeks off to return home. oh home, sweet home!
I forgotten the fun of dressing up for weddings.
Certainly, they are no rules at all for the occasion except dressing to the nines off course.
It was lovely to see colours!!! ranging from the rainbow, whether it was a woman or man. Everyone fell into the routine of looking good. I love tradition & i love that we can all embrace that in a wedding. It was great to be a part of my childhood friends wedding team, the citations/connection as the bride and groom become a unity, their marriage vows were spoken in a musical trance. Her beautiful beaded gown , catching stares from us all. She looked amazing, as every bride should look amazing!!
So, perhaps there are no rules to a wedding. I know for sure, it doesn't matter the culture/place. We all have the opportunity to be a part of it in the way we express ourselves on the day.
I cant wait to be there for all the wedding bells that seem to ring for the year 2010.