Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekends heres!

Another weekend is here and we're moving so closely
to the end of April!
Thats almost mid year people, plenty plenty
has taken place in Memoirs.
We are part of the Melbourne uni fashion night hosted by
Australasian Association so do come and support
on the 30 th of this month
at Evebar.
Memoirs is displaying the all seasons theme
so expect gorgeous & pop colours for this winter.

Back to what has been happening in the shop itself,
we have the lovely leanne in her
new turqoise 1920's inspired dress.
Everyone must check her fascinators at
Then later in the evening , we had leonie in her Aujie Aspari black silk blouse.
It sat beautifully on her which could be both worned tucked in and out.

xoxo -g

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