Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Time and Several Countries Later...

Dear Fashionistas,

Its been awhile since my last post and several countries later, here i am in the comfort of my own home here, logging in my travels and giving you a peek of whats out there.

Lets start with my previous trip to Melbs and the adventures we had attending Our 1st Fashion Exposed and my first Melbourne Fashion week. Two very ambitious fashion crazy girls with a million ideas running through their heads not to mentioned being "let loose" amongst the many clothes and accesories was like a dream come through. That trip to Sydney was definitely the start of our many fashion travels.

My Partner in Crime...

Then we had the thrill of attending a show during Fashion Week! Ladies, it look like ruffles are making a comeback and feminine chic is the look to go for! Also, noticed quite a bit of black amongst the pastel palette. I loved the show and it brought back many fond memories of times past...*sigh*

Then back to jet setting again, all around the world trying to find the best in fashion and bringing it to your friendly North Melbourne store. We start off with Zurich, where is the weather was funny and we got some snow. Observed that colourful, patterned, boldly printed tights were in style for winter. I guess when ur all bundled up, and the only thing showing between ur winter jacket and boots/flats are ur knees/legs, the best fashion statement would be tights that communicate ur individuality. Having pre-ampted that, Memoirs has already got limited edition tights all from Italy.

Then it was off to Dubai, where shopping was the least fun. I had just missed the crazy sale season and shopping there was not cheap! But I was fortunate to be able to visit Mall of Emirates which used to be the biggest mall in Dubai, until Dubal Mall was built! They have malls so massive that Mall of Emirates has a Ski Jump area and the main attraction at Dubai Mall was a HUGE aquarium!

The tallest building in the World!!!

We move on to Istanbul, where I was lucky to be able to visit the Grand Bazaar! It was Pashmina haven and strangely enough, I was surrounded by so much imitation goods! There were Gucci, LV, Prada and Chanel handbags all over the place! Prices were comparable but the quality was lacking. I'd seen better replicas in my travels. SO while I didn't spend on clothes, I managed to get Iranian Saffron and Caviar to indulge in.

Finally, I get to travel back to my hometown, the land of Borneo, where I got my much needed RnR. Also walking around the bazaars, I found a new shop selling native art and wares, I think i will always be intrigued at how extravagant our native costumes were and till today are. Couldn't help but take some pictures! Thats my tribal pride talking.

Before I sign off, here's a sneak peek at some of the new accessories coming soon to Memoirs. All these are made from semi-precious stones and beads. Great to dress up any outfit instantly. Prices start from AUD109 onwards.

Your Travelling Shopper

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