Sunday, April 26, 2009

Queens of looks

While i am sitting here in Memoirs, i had a little flashback
in the past with a playback of
my fashion diary and my group of friends.
Well, it mainly consisted of four.
Four girls to rule college in style. mean girls but we were actually
very sweet girls.
We dressed to the nine's despite KL's sweltering weather,
name it we all had adorned it.
But if you ask me whether i had any fashion regrets?
I would say non, because it really was a time
when we girls had fun with everything we wore.
Shirts, skirts, glitter, maxi dresses, pants, heels,
bags, flair, animal prints, fluro colours, wedges,
hats, sari's, jerseys,boots,mid drif, bareback, halter
the list continue's.
At the end of it all, we all bloomed into our own flower
and each represents a diverse language of styles.
As Coco puts it

“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel

Our Bestie: Natasha Yusof

Question: How has your fashion evolved looking back at the photos?
Nass: Back then we were still experimenting with our looks

Question: Do you think you have settled onto a look?
Nass: actually,I have pretty much settled with a look
but i still experiment here and there then i try to incorporate it into my look.

Question: What is your favourite bag and shoes?
Nass: LV vernis leather, no particular brand but I love chunky heels and 4 inch stilettos

Question: What is your one weakness in fashion?
i can't get enough of shoes,i walk into the store and i practically talk to them.
Like the other day i walked into Aldo and saw two pairs of shoes and i practically went "hello gorgeoussss!" and i bought both

Question: Sum, your style in words?
Nass:I Live For Shoes


  1. hahahaha! this is hilarioussss

  2. Sayang I just splurged on 4 more pairs of shoes from Nine West and Guess! Hahaha! Yes I'm a slave for shoes :P

  3. well, dancing queen. Your feet needs to be princessed!