Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day

It was so nice to get Doreen to be with me in the store today,
With regular customers catching up with her
new introductions for myself.
We had a colourful afternoon with some great
purchases made by our customers.

Shu Qing, spoiled herself with a D&G stiletto black heels.
It was obviously meant for her because no one
else could fit into it.
Second pair, Vintage black leather peeptoe with bow
which is meant to be worned with her 1920's look for a party tonight.
Both shoes, are versatile.
and goes perfect with her dainty feet.

We had another lovely customer, who got herself the Gold plated ring
with the blue stone. Another fashion piece inspired by the Art Deco era.
She came back for it , so again that ring was meant for her.
She also purchased some lovely gifts for best friend
for her birthday .
Well, looks like the Saturday is filled for a night of fun!

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