Sunday, May 3, 2009

So Winter's Finally Here...

Hey Peeps!
A little birdie told me that winter is finally here. And if ur wondering what i'm so chirpy about...well, what better reason is there to start shopping again for this winters hottest trends?
Here's a few things that are making it big for winter 08/09.

Purple: What better colour to brighten up our winter darks? Try to add a lil something purple from the lightest shade of lilac to the darkest shades of plum be it in accessories, a simple wool dress or a nice bright bag for that "POP" effect!

Orange: This surprisingly bright colour has made it to our list of must haves this winter too! Who'd have guess? However, for risk of looking like u missed Halloween celebrations DO NOT wear this with black, try pairing it with neutral colours like khaki, brown and grey.

Tartan and Checks: What was once left to the Scottish, has now made it on runways. The key to wearing checks in whatever shade is to keep it simple by wearing one amazing piece with classic colours like black and grey.

Fur: Be it fake or real, fur back this winter. Point to note: Memoirs is Animal friendly and we only do faux fur. Keep it classy by wearing one stunning piece that stands out from the outfit. Anymore, and you may risk looking like a poacher.

PVC: Big on Givenchy's Winter collection, PVC has made it to our must have this season. However, keep it strictly to one piece be it the boots for a 60's look or a nice bag in a bright colour.

Sequins: Women have a natural tendency to any kind of bling and what better way to show it off this winter then to be wearing something shiny? This season we're seeing sequinned berets, blingy bags and mini dresses paired with tights. But try not to overdo it, we don't want to look like a bad mistake from the 70's.

Preppy: This is a look that I'd suggest for the younger fashionably inclined. This look rocks for those who already have to wear uniforms! Taking a cue from Gossip Girl, we've seen numerous way a uniform can be made "cool". xoxo...

Puffa Jacket: This here is right up there with PVC, but who am I to say what works and doesn't. It take a gutsy person and a real nice jacket (preferably with a belt) to give a woman that ultra cool look. Team this with a short skirt and ankle boots for the slope bunny look.

Capes: are an elegant, ultra chic way to keep warm. Not for a casual look,
pair a cape with a pencil skirt, straight trousers or a short skirt. However, make sure the size of the cape is relevant to the outfit worn...we don't need to be drowning in our capes.

Well, message conveyed! I hope you've found these tips helpful. Of the above, I personally love Sequins and i've been gagging over anything purple recently. However, i've learnt the art of wearing Orange (it also happens to be my bf's fav colour) too and its a "cheer me up" colour. Something to brighten up the sombre winter days.
Personally i think that capes are fab! But puffa jackets don't sit well on me. PVC is ok in small doses and i've well passed my Preppy look days. Fur will always be a classic, but make it known that its FAUX fur! Unless u think the colour red sits well with u.
To be honest, you've just got to find your personal style and what works best for you and your body type. Be true to yourself and you can't go wrong. If in doubt, pop into Memoirs and my partner will gladly doll you up and send you catwalking out the door.

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