Friday, May 1, 2009

Bright Winter Morning

Today Melbourne is filled with beautiful clear blue skies,
Errol street is bustling with delicious breakky,
As for me i am longing for some good food at Hot Poppy's,
Besides that i am nestled warmly in my corner
with the heater on.

Everyone seems to be hunting for a coat these past few days,
I personally have started by equipping myself with lots of wool
& long skivvies.
Leggings/tights too are essential because they look great with boots.

Memoirs cant wait to get our winter campaign out
with unique coats & boots to dress this chilly weather.

We had a lovely customer today who got herself
a Gianfranco Ferre Black & White stripes Jacket.
It looks great with her cropped hair & her blue eyes.

We also have an anonymous shopper
who bought our lovely leather ankle boots!

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