Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tennis and Rackets

Australian Tennis Open has arrived!!!
Here we get a chance to see a spectacle of colours
filling out those pleated skirts.
I remember a time when i was very fixated with a tennis skirt. I was 6, and all i remember was i came into a possession of a blue and white stripe lacoste skirt. Boy, was i excited. Sadly the skirt could not fill my tiny waist. So i waited & kept the skirt till i was in my teens. By then, i didn't even get a chance to wear it. All the years caught up & the skirt remained a treasure trove in my closet. The funny part is i never played tennis which could explained why the skirt didn't get used.
Well, i may not be a tennis buff but through the ages.
The tennis attire has certainly evolved.
Its shorter , more colourful
have some dynamics in it so world
renowned tennis players
flaunt & play in them.
Especially the William sisters.
It will be exciting to see what 2010's tennis fashion
brings us.
Stay tuned to your tellys,
Otherwise in your breaks , head down to
for a Sale especially for this exciting event!


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