Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our new Colours for the New Year!!!!

Happy New Year !! 2010, here we come.
With more great pieces in store
for our customers & more new
customers to meet.
Memoirs resolution is to do a little tidying up for the new year,
which we did in a space of a couple of days.
We are also not too far before we would reach
our one year celebration in March!
2010, is certainly not all about changes.
Instead its about revamping 'us' to project a whole
new vibe when you shop with us.
Vanessa and I, both picked some rich
berry colours to paint a story on the front facade.
Results! absolutely satisfying :)
So now, no more will we hear that people cant find us.
Till then, keep hydrated & dont forget your sunblock
for the hot hot rays that
is hitting Melbourne this Summer

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