Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Oh my God, She's Fashion Road Kill!"

MEMOIRS presents:"OH MY GOD, SHE'S FASHION ROAD KILL"Tickets are limited & selling fast!
Lets dress to kill, impress & look fabulous.Memoirs is showcasing numerous local fashion labels & inviting you to be the first to shop with exclusive discounts.Bringing a new Spring flavour to Melbourne's streets, Models will flaunt & flirt in our fashion show & Lets have fun with a Makeover before heading out to party.
Spoil our night taking photos with friends that will spell out an everlasting memory & celebrate it with style. Special Appeareance by "Amber Renae" Project Runway 2009.
Tickets: $25. Includes access to discounts on the evening, Fashion show, Makeovers by Gorgeous Cosmetics, finger food & gift bags.
Tickets are subject to availability & are running out.
*Hope to see you soon******
As a bonus, the guys down at the Precinct are offering certain beers & champagne at $4 for ticket holders!!!*****
We cant wait to celebrate with everyone at our very first launch.
Its all about celebrating fashion this weekend.
Tickets are crawling out the door, dont forget to call to be the first
to grab them

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