Monday, October 19, 2009

cupcakes & daisies

Even with spring coming along with an uncertain streak,
There are still moments in the day,
that strike us,
The beautiful colours that surround us
even with a simple thing like our drinking water
scented with strawberries & mint,
filling memoirs with an array of colourful flowers
filling our empty stomach with cream topping cupcakes.
We are all about colour this week & days to come.
Its time to get out of our heavy attire
slowly dress ourselves for blue skies.
We cant wait to express at Precinct
this Saturday,
It's all about that
"OMG , She's Fashion Road Kill"

We found our cinderella for the hot chunky DOLCE & GABANNA pumps!
Finally, someone who is a perfect match
she found herself the right bag to go with it.
It's amazing what a little lift from heels can do,
so ladies strap on those killer heels
march your way through
melbourne looking stunning!

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