Thursday, September 24, 2009

Matea-New Designer

Designers can be inspired by many different things. Usually it is something they have seen. Maybe in the studio or at the book store or while waiting for a bus or sitting in a dentist's office. Inspiration can also come from a song or a situation or a great lunch. Whatever it is and wherever it comes from, it isn't inspiration until it triggers some kind of response and forces you to the drawing board. I have been surrounded by fashion victims basically all my life. My grandmother was a fashion designer/tailor. This is where my early ideas on fashion have derived from. When I began designing my first line of women’s clothing my inspirations had mainly come from many classy, sassy and classic clothing styles which have been around for decades. The idea for each season is to produce a collection of timeless clothing with classic cuts which will last a life time. When thinking about the colors and fabrics I should use, I decided to go with mainly Viscose / Elastane blends, Polyester / Viscose blends, silks and cotton Elastane blends. As these fabrics are flattering to the female body & most importantly comfortable. A designer should always think about the person who will use what they create. Although creating designs can be exciting and rewarding, it takes dedication and a great deal of hard work, especially when trying to break through such a competitive industry. However, when you see that first dress finished and more importantly see someone you don't even know wearing it around, all the effort is more than worth it. This is one of the best parts of being a designer. I am determined to be different from the norm. Designing and modeling my own clothes, I plan to bring a new era of fashion to the streets of Melbourne.

By Matea
We are proud & delighted to have this lovely
designer among our racks.
Please come in store
be the first to purchase her
unique garments.
xoxo, g

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