Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lets sing for spring time

Memoirs this season wants to paint every bit of town with colours,
Its all about being inspired by the new bloom that is coming to town,
Singing & humming to a tune despite the rain that falls so heavily on us,
With the special appearance of a photographer named' Miss Balqies Arafia",
Miss Vanessa and Miss Giana took this opportunity to spontaneously
whip up a mini- photo shoot of our gorgeous dresses,
We wanted to show our lovely customers that as fashionista's,
There s always a fun expression when making fashion your own.
Remember no one else can do this but yourself,
If you believe in trying something new,
We would say GO AHEAD and DO IT !
Life is too short, therefore go full force and enjoy every bit of it.
As we have in this mini shoot.
Walk Barefoot, be a mannequin for the day,
Wear pink, wear black, wear a hat, wear flowers,
wear killer heels, carry a tote bag, swing from bus stands,
stand out in the crowd & always carry out to be unique.
That is our motto & don't forget to carry a story in everyday of your life.

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