Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Exposed 2009-Sydney

Observations and Follies

The morning was running all in schedule.
From the moment i jumped off the tram, Ness's cab was at the front store.
We did the moment girly giggles with excitement from her latest stock purchase.

Off course, famished from the excitement.
We OooOOED & Ahhhhh'd the yummy brekkie
that Hot Poppy's provided for us.

Sitting on the Sky bus , We were off for the much anticipated trip.
After, a short nap , a train ride and a short 5 Min's walk from
Wyn yard to Travel Lodge. We were ready for our expo.

A very short/long walk by the harbour.
We were in and ready to be labelled as professionals,
very young professionals .

Reactions: Complete awe and amazed at the array of
accessories, the number of retailers and shop fittings.
It was pure ecstasy , having to be a part of this.

Tummy tales: We were fed for an early dinner, with
A Fishermen's Basket,Oysters, Mussels & Steamed Veges.
Being a glut and greedy, we even squeezed in a moment of
Lindt Ice Cream :)

Tuesday comes--> We were both up and running with happy
pies for breakfast which made Ness's day. Then huddled in for
a seminar which had great pointers regarding the business.
The whole day ran in a tight schedule from one retailer to the other,
with mini catwalk stops and suppliers. Definately needed the 2 whole
days for this.

* Made a pit stop for the Sydney, Opera House. ha ha I just had to squeeze
a moment of architectural history in this trip. Basically, we both had a great
trip down to Sydney :)

Bizarre note: Sydney people must be in love with clock's because there's one
in every corner, The city seems like a mild version of New York with all high rises,
people are always jay walking because the traffic crossing is so slow to tick to the
green walking man & there seems to be no rubbish bins anywhere.

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